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Making games is fun, but can you live off it?

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What we do

We love creating small, clever games. Easy to learn, difficult to master. We believe turn based strategy games are not dead yet. What can go wrong when you have this kind of mindset?

Building PC games

With 10+ yers exp in software development it's really fun to write some games, isn't it?

Yet Another Indie Games Studio?

Yup. Many indie studios fail, but we shall prevail, bwahahaha! We have unique business model and spend money as efficiently as possible, focusing on deliveries and quality! Wanna buy some shares, contact us. High risk, low reward!

Do we do mobile apps?

No. I mean yeah, we know guys who make mobile apps but we don't do mobile games. Check out i2a solutions if you want to build a mobile app. Here, we build good old desktop PC games.

But why no mobile games?

Long term, we're focusing on PC games, and our idea is to make strategic games (20th century wars and later maybe 15-19 century). Maybe not as epic as Paradox Interactive titles but similar in spirit. Mobile devices don't suit it. Besides, mobile games market is dominated by that bullshit freemium model, based on human addiction mechanisms, which we don't like at all. It also requires insane marketing budgets. No place for solid strategy games.

Our Profile


Doing boring things

Laid back attitude

Sharpest tools in the shed

Check out this little gem. Finally a 2D games engine in python FOR HUMANS. Nice & clean. Well documented. Open source. Our team develops it as well.

Check out kaa git source code here
We all have good jobs as experience software developers. Two of us (Pawel and Mariusz) work for i2asolutions. It's a US based software house that does operations from Poland. It's the best company in Krakow, trust me. We did a lot of interesting projects.

So yeah, making games is a hobby for us. A side project, but it's fun! Maybe one day we can make money and live off it? We'll let you know when this happens.
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A brilliant business model

The idea is so simple nothing can go wrong. We want to create fun, quality strategic games with ~$25 price tag. It's a niche market but we don't believe in $5 games or mobile freemium games bullcrap. We love quality board games (euro games, war games) and always wanted to do this kind of stuff ourselves.

Let's do some calculations. Suppose we sell a game on steam for $25. Steam fees (~30%) and taxes will eat up a large chunk of it, almost a half. So let's assume we make $15 profit on sold unit. How much do we need to sell to pay our bills? Let's say to survive a year a person needs $15k (bare minimum in Poland where I live). Shit, I need to sell about a thousand units per year just to survive myself if I were to quit my job where I make a lot more!! On the other hand, thousand units per year sounds like a walk in the park. Should I quit my job and focus on what I really love? So many questions without answers.

Featured Works

Lots of stuff done in the past years

Mostly business apps, created for i2asolutions. But also some experience with games!

Fun Stats

17 Awards

5 Nobel Prizes, 9 Game Of The Year awards. And yeah, 3 Oscars. We simply kick ass.

20k Cups of coffee

We drink a lot of coffee. And some beer too. We eat pizza. I know nobody cares!

10k research per turn

We have library, observatory, university & research lab.

Our Team

We are a small team but you'll hear about our exploits soon!

Just look at these kind faces. Czy te oczy mogą kłamać? Chyba nie!
Paweł Roman
Chief Village Idiot

John Snow of game development. Knows nothing.

Mariusz Okulanis
Beer Expert

Drinks beer and works on the kaa engine. But mostly drinks beer.

Marcin Łabuz
Known as Mr Broccoli

He grew very fond of this noble vegetable. Team mascot. Also works on the kaa engine.



Whole world is talking about us!

We worked worldwide. No kidding.

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Want to give us money?

If you want to invest in our company, contact me at It's a "high risk - low reward" type of investment and you will probably lose your money. But, there's a tiny chance trusting us makes sense and you'll make profit. I estimate the value of this enterprise at one million US dollars because it's a nice round value and not a lot of money for a rich investor. So 1% of shares is $10k. Plain and simple. If you're intersted, drop me an email how many percentage shares you want to purchase.